on the ceiling




A pendant light that transforms its shape with attached legs that allow it to stand on a ceiling

A focus on the relationship between the lighting fixture and the ceiling has originated the design of a pendant light that allows you to adjust its distance from the ceiling and let you use it flexibly in any given space. This light fixture is not simply hung from the ceiling but is positioned so that it is standing upright on the ceiling by its legs.

You can expect the light to radiate widely when its distance from the ceiling is short.  Alternately, the light fixture closes up tighter when the distance is longer.  In a similar fashion the light adapts to a space where the ceiling is low, and the light fixture can spread out low like a ceiling light.  In a room with a high ceiling, you may tighten up the light fixture and enjoy an effect similar to a spotlight.  The projected shades from the light also change depending on its distance from the ceiling.